Spermidin: Komischer Name und enormes Potenzial für ein längeres, gesünderes Leben

Spermidine: Funny name and enormous potential for a longer, healthier life

Spermidine is getting a lot of media attention right now. This is actually not due to the unfamiliar name of this micronutrient, but to its great life-prolonging and health-promoting potential. Harvard professor David Sinclair has even gone so far as to name spermidine the the Longevity Dietary Supplement 2022. We explore the question of what spermidine is all about.

What is Spermidine and how did it get its name?

The burning question first: where did Spermidine get its interesting name? The name is reminiscent of male seminal fluid, as spermidine was actually isolated from semen for the first time in 1870 by Philip Schreiner. Later, it became known that spermidine, as a naturally occurring polyamine, is also found in all other cells of our body as well as in foods such as wheat germ, soy, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and lentils.
The spermidine in our nutrient complex Cell Boost is derived from wheat germ extract. Due to the manufacturing process, it is also gluten-free.

Can spermidine slow down cell aging?

Spermidine acts on molecular processes that control our aging. Studies in humans show that increased intake of spermidine protects against against cardiovascular diseases, cancer and metabolic diseases and improves memory preserves memory. The reason for this is that spermidine stimulates autophagy. Autophagy is the body's cell rejuvenation and clean-up process that breaks down or repairs damaged components of the cell. This keeps cells healthy and protects them from disease. Autophagy can also be stimulated via Fasting can be stimulated. Both dietary supplementation with spermidine and regular periods of fasting are therefore particularly relevant with advancing age, as the spermidine level decreases and autophagy declines over time. In addition, supplementation with spermidine has been shown to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair growth can.

Does spermidine have life-prolonging potential?

A population study in humans has shown that a diet rich in spermidine is associated with a higher life expectancy life expectancy.
Several animal studies have shown that spermidine supplementation has a life-prolonging effect. For example, one study in mice showed that increased spermidine intake from advanced age (70% of life expectancy) increased life expectancy by about 7% on average and from young age (16% of life expectancy) by about 11%.
Spermidine is not only one of the most promising, but also one of the safest agents to extend healthy lifespan, as there are no known negative side effects of spermidine.

By the way, our nutrient complex Cell Boost contains spermidine. Here you can find an overview of all ingredients and here you can order the product directly.

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