Mock fasting: the health benefits of fasting without giving up for a longer and healthier life

Fasting is considered the health and longevity tool of biohackers. Fasting releases Autophagy . A complex cellular process in which old and broken cellular components are broken down or recycled. Autophagy is extremely important for the health of our cells and therefore our bodies, as it protects us from aging and disease.

What is mock fasting?

Most people who have ever participated in Fasting have tried fasting, know that it is not so easy to muster the necessary discipline and stamina. Nevertheless it would be nevertheless also pity to have to do without the whole health advantages. This is where mock fasting comes into play. This is a method of fasting developed by geriatric researcher Dr. Valter Longo. The idea behind Dr. Longo's method is to arrange meals in such a way that the fasting process is not disrupted, allowing the health benefits to occur despite food intake.

How does mock fasting work?

In mock fasting, the most important thing is to avoid animal products, because protein signals "growth" to cells. A successful fast, on the other hand, gives the cells a break so that they can self-renew during this time. Another important point is also the renunciation of sugar and carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta or rice. Finally, depending on the fasting day, it is also important not to exceed an upper limit of 750 kcal or 1100 kcal, otherwise the body will fall out of the fasting state and the cell-rejuvenating Autophagy cannot start.

Are there other ways than fasting to rejuvenate the cells?

Besides mock fasting, there are other ways to rejuvenate the Autophagy stimulate. Studies have shown that Spermidinewhich is found not only in each of our cells, but also in foods such as wheat germ extract, stimulates Autophagy in our bodies. Since our body's level of spermidine decreases as we age decreases with age, it is worthwhileit is worthwhile to take a suitable spermidine-containing dietary supplement in your own health routine.
That is why 2 capsules of Zell Boost contain contain the effective daily dose of 1 mg of spermidine, which can enable us to unlock the benefits of autophagy for our body.

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